Faculty Recruiting Forms

Pre-Audit Search Forms

The Pre-Audit Search form is to be completed and submitted along with the position notice for approval by the Office of Institutional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for all full-time or part-time tenured or tenure-stream faculty, full-time non-tenure stream faculty, academic/executive administrative positions, or other academic positions.


Proposed Faculty or Academic Appointment Forms

The Proposed Faculty or Academic Appointment form is to be completed and accompany appointment papers of all full- or part-time tenured/tenure stream faculty, full-time non-tenured stream faculty, academic/executive administrators, and other academic positions.


EEO Request Forms

The EEO Request Form is sent to qualified applicants determined by University departments that post faculty positions on the University of Pittsburgh Pittsource webpage.


In addition to the links above, departments may request forms and envelopes by calling 412-648-7860 or e-mailing ODI at cruffin@pitt.edu.