Frank Dobbin: "Why Diversity Programs Don't Work"

Frank Dobbin, Professor of Sociology at Harvard University, will discuss the shortcomings of diversity programs and alternative methods to increase diversity in the workplace. Professor Dobbin will be introduced by University of Pittsburgh Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer Geovette Washington, and a Q&A will follow the lecture.

Professor Dobbin is chair of the joint Arts & Sciences/Harvard Business School Organizational Behavior Ph.D. Program, director of the SCANCOR/Weatherhead Initiative in International Organizational Studies, and Co-Coordinator of the MIT-Harvard Economic Sociology Seminar. 

Professor Dobbin's work in economic sociology generally is both historical and contemporary. His work concerns organizations, inequality, economic behavior, and public policy. His recent cover story in Harvard Business Review, "Why Diversity Programs Fail - And What Works Better" examines data and evaluates real programs to determine how regulation and requirements have failed, while self-managed teams and cross-training initiatives have had positive results.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016 -
4:00pm to 5:30pm

Location and Address

2017 Cathedral of Learning